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Alison & Ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Jul 2014

Location: Namibia

MapThis morning there was ice on the bus windscreen apparently and -2 degrees! It had warmed up by the time we went for breakfast. Left at 8 and 3 hours later arrived at Quiver Tree Forest. Rock hyrax (dassie) sunbathing and darting around. Giants' Playground a dolerite intrusion that has become exposed. We eventually moved off metalled roads to dirt tracks, making our way to Canon Lodge. This lodge has individual thatched dwellings, many built using giant boulders as part of their walls - architecturally innovative. One guest even had rocks embedded into the wall of her shower!

Just had a three course buffet; lentil soup, pork chops and apple pudding. Is this really Namibia?

Looking forward to a slightly later start tomorrow, on our way to visit Fish River Canyon.