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Alison & Ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 05 Aug 2014

Map5 Aug
Breakfast at 7 in time to leave at 8 (again)!

A long, fairly straightforward drive through mountains and plains. We stopped off at a Himba village along the way. Here the (topless) women spend 2.5 hours every morning getting ready. Due to the dry conditions, they don't wash, but use locally sourced materials to paint themselves. They also use smoke from their fires to keep their hair and bodies free of insects. They tried to sell us the usual jewellery, some of which included hand-decorated plastic bracelets!

On reaching Etosha, we had a quick tour of three water holes, with little luck. However, we did see many animals along the way, including many zebra, some of which were in close contact with each other. We also saw many impala and springbok, plus a few jackals and birds.

After a chaotic dinner, we went to a floodlit water-hole, where we saw more than 20 elephants arrive in two groups and drink together. They were at the water-hole for well over 30 minutes, leaving a few at a time. We also saw three rhino,a giraffe couple and two impala.

Early night; we have to meet at the bus at 6:30am!