Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Apr 2005

Location: UK

hey all! well this is farewell for the next 3 months! still haven't packed yet should really start thinking about it now. its no longer days to do but hours! eek! still pinching myself not quite believing that were flying out to Bangkok tomorrow. so scary but so darn exciting as well! looking forward to the nice warm weather its 35 degrees at the moment Loooooooooooooooooooovely!

It was great to see all of you that came last night, atleast i now know never to order a hawain punch at henry's again! intresting is definately the word. oh and i didn't have a hangover this morning just feeling sleep deprived
Well must go and get on with the whole packing saga! will be thinking of you all in rainy england while i'm looking lobster like or hopefully ( which is very hopeful) gorgeously tanned on the beaches of thailand!

oh and do keep us updated with all your news! still want to know about life (gossip etc) in cambridge and england while were away!
Gem xxx