Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Jun 2005

Location: cairns, Australia

Mapwow five days to write up! so appologise if it is short!

11th of june:

we had a rediculously early start. of 7.30. well actually it wasn't 7.30 it was 8.30! our sheet of times had got it wrong! could of had an extra hour in bed! gutted. didn't help that the lovely bunch of guys in our room came in and talked have the night whilst being drunk. some people have no manners! so yeah spent the hour drinking coffee! good kick of the caffine! whey. we headed to magnetic island, via townsville. sorry can't remember much of the journey as slept though most of it, but im guessing we stopped off at some point. arrived in magnetic island quite early which was nice. we went for a walk to try and see some koloas in their natural habitat. loads of people had put signs on the ground telling us where they had been a few hours ago but unfortunetly didn't see any! so sad cause they are really cute. anyways we got to see some of the old fort there which was cool. thankfully didn't see any spiders or snakes!

stayed at base backpackers for the night really nice hostel. managed yet again to get the dorm furthest away! just a talent i've picked up since getting here! so many people are so envious of it! lol. but yeah really nice room. watched the all black moari's beat the lions! bit of a boring match. dunno if you guys saw it. really getting into rugby. our hostel was literally right on the beach which is so cool! sat and watched the sunset and the stars on the beach. would have been very romantic if the right person had been there! unfortunately no one. saw a couple of shooting stars! really awesome.

12th of june!

went sea kayaking in the morning, on a gloriefied sea kayak, more of a raft with bum holes that a kayak but very cool all the same. spent about half an hour paddling round then went back in cause it was too cloudy to see anything on the reef. got to see some coral and stuff but no fish unfortunately. we left maggie island around 11 and headed back to townsville and up to mission beach. had some really nice ice cream on route soooo good! saw a bit of tully and its gigantic gum boot! another aussie icon!

stayed in a really nice place called scotties! had a nice pool n stuff. v. cool. shame we were only spending the night here as the beach looked amazing! but it wasn't to be!

13th of june! national holiday - queens

we headed up to cairns today. stopped off at a really nice waterfall and a really cool lake. lake eacham. hanni went swimming cause it was boiling hot! really nice to see the kids swimming about having fun. can't imagin how hot it gets in the summer. its hot enough now! we then stopped off at the bungy site. took 2 and a half hours for the guys to jump. so got a bit bored. walked up to where they jump! soooooo soooo wanted to do it myself. looks amazing. people were jumping off backwards. two of the people on the bus did a running jump off the roof! totally mad! but really cool. amazing to beable to see the sea from the rainforest! awesome.

arrived in cairns and were turned away at the first hostel, but found a bed thankfully at the next one. really cool place. staying at gilliagans. went out for a final meal with the oz experience people at the woolshed. not really getting why it is rated as good as it is. not feeling the vibe there unfortunately but the food was good. especially for $6.50. can't complain.

14th of june
carins. boring day of trying to sort out flight changes which weren't possible! and just walking around carins! its a cool city!

15th of june:
walked down to the esplanade this morning tried to have a swim in the lagoon but it was closed for some reason. sooo hot! woken up at 8am with a fire alarm! fabulous alarm clock should try this one at home. gets you out of bed straight away. amazing!
met 3 people from our thailand trip today. so cool. becks and victoria we, travelled a bit with in nz, but met another guy ross. so weird. the world is such a small place! but really nice at the same time. such nice people! so yeah totally awesome day! have spent a couple of hours sun bathing. whey! the sun is so hot though. trying to get a bit of a tan before home. my arms are the only body part remotely tanned! still have the next couple of days. whey. went to go and see mr and mrs smith. such a good film! really liked it. have just got back from the night market. haven't bought anything have resisted. very impressive. and thats what we've been up to. hannah has wrote something as well. trying to be clever. very funny! love ya! anyways must go. loads of washing to do so will spend the next few hours of my life waiting for that! hope your all ok and doing fine. not getting up to too much mischief i hope!

anyways. love you all loads. every one of you is an incredible person! i can't express how much you mean to me but you all mean a lot! probably even more than you may think!

big snuggles gem xxxx