Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Jun 2005

Location: cairns, Australia

Mapheya! well we have had an exciting last two days in cairns!

we met a girly who we travelled round the south island of new zealand. so cool to see her. we were having lunch at the time. very cool!

apart from that just had an easy day. walked around the esplanade which is a long street near the waters. its all muddy around the bay where cairns is so no sand. but they have crocs! seen the warning signs and everything! so yeah i'm not going any where near the sea!

went out to johno's blues bar in the evening which was awesome. they had a reggae band on (not quite blues) and then another singer who did a couple of well known tunes. even a bit of bob dillion. very cool. ended up meeting this guy chris from st neots which was cool. such a small world! then met to aussie navy dudes. ended up playing pool for most of the evening! head is a bit fragile shall we say this afternoon.

today (which is the 17th) we have seen more fruit than you could ever imagin at the market next to our hostel. felt healthier just being in there! really cool. all looked so good.

also went to see madegascar i think this is how you spell it. anyway such a brilliant movie. so funny. and no we weren't the only adults there without kids! whey. yeah so have just got back from that. anyways the weather has picked up. i can see blue sky! so i am going to go for a walk i think!

hope your all having a fab day! and if you see my dad say happy birthday to him. he was 21 again yesterday! so embarrassing i know!

anyway love you all loads
take care big snuggles gem xxxx