Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 18 Jun 2005

Location: Perth, Australia

Maphey guys well we are in perth now for the brief moment. had a horrible flight from cairns to here. loads of turbulance. not fun! but yeah apart from those few minutes of worry the rest of the flight was cool. very tired as arrived in our hostel about 3 am perth time whichis 5 am cairns time. but thankfully didn't wake anyone up. really nice room.

have had a very exciting day sight seeing around perth. went down to the esplanade. had a walk along there. visited ther town centre. spent a couple of minutes trying to work out how you got into the art museum.

loads of interesting pieces of art. some random cut a paste circles (not sure how this is art but then what am i to know.. actually would probably win the turner prize. i think i should plagerise his work and earn loads from it. felt so inspired! i think a 3 year old would probably have more artisic creativeness than this guy. but he has designed the weetabix packets out here so is minted! wrong job i say)

they had some really cool aboriginal art. and loads of cool glass work. oh and some really cool films by a jo'burg artisit which was awesome.

then we went across to the museum. learnt loads about the treatment of the aboriginals. felt very sad by what i read. especially the taking of children from their families. really really sad. had some other cool exhibits too.

yeah and that has been about it.

anyways we fly out to jo'burg tomorrow lunch time which will be cool. not looking forward to the 11 hour flight! but it has to be done.

anyways will love you and leave you. have a fantastic weekend. hope the weather is a bit warmer than here in perth. very chilly compared to cairns

big snuggles gem and hanni! ( avid flip flop wearer)