Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Jun 2005

Location: joburg, South Africa

Maphey guys and girlies sorry haven't updated the website for a couple of days. well so far what we've seen of s.a has been cool.

had trouble hiring a car as we aren't old enough so haven't been able to do much to be honest with you. but it is no biggie!

we have been to the local mall twice which is massive! has some really cool shops. we have spotted some old cadbury's astros! i dunno if you remember them but they are like really tini biscuits with chocolate around them! so cool. its like the pez sweets, nerds and other candy we saw in oz! brings me bk. so cool!

apart from that we have been spending time with chris and his family. which has been nice. hannah is really enjoying her time here. they both get on very well. which is really cool! i have fallen in love with the dogs! they have 3 and a cat. though sparky is my fav! so cute!

oh have been sleeping lots too. haven't slept so much in ages its great! i obviously need it!

watched bridget jones's diary today. so funny! oh really getting into an africaans soap called 7delaan. which is in africaans thankfully there is subtitles but very cool! never thought i'd be saying that about a soap.

see most of you in less than 2 weeks!

love ya all loads
big snuggles and kisses
gem xxxxx