Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jul 2005

Location: still jo'burg, South Africa

Maphey one and all well this is probably going to be one of the last few entry's to this diary! which means one thing! i am coming home! whey. really looking forward to seeing everyone!

well we have had another quiet week. of visiting the mall etc.

met chris's girly on friday. very quiet! we saw madegascar again! such a cool movie! even better second time round you miss so much first time round! like shrek! anyways i am in love with the penguins! especially their quest to antartica! hehe!

today which is saturday, we went to the lion park! this is kinda like a drive through zoo! soo cool. got to see loads of lions encluding some white lions. ( the reason why they are white is similar to why humans have red hair - another useless piece of information!)
was a really amazing experience being able to watch these huge creatures basking in the hot winters sun. you don't appreciate how big they are until you see them up close. even the cubs have these huge massive paws! so cute.
really funny at one point one of the cubs decided he was going to sleep in the middle of the dirt track and go to sleep! so massive que of cars waiting for this thing to move. bless. but yeah was really cool. saw loads of other animals too like springbok, cheeta, hyena, warthog, zeebra and my favourite animal giraffes!

probably the best moment of the day, well for me was being able to fed the giraffes! they have amazingly long tongues! but they are sooo cute! really beautiful animals! really funny watching all the kids beinf freaked out by this big tongue heading their way! was so funny!
ooh we also got to stroke some lion cubs which was cool!

we then went to the sterkfontein caves! which was a real mission in itself. felt like you were in tombraider in some bits! so many holes you had to squeeze through. but really cool at the ame time. if you are fit enough. um the caves are situated in an area called the cradle of human kind. basically they believe that human kind started here, as they found a skeleton known as mrs ples. yeah she's very old. talking millions here! yeah we didn't see her though as she's moved up to pretoria museum. slighlty warmer than the caves apparently! possibly a bit better social life too! lol
but yeah it was cool to see where we originated from! the caves are pretty amazing too! apart form looking like you've been rolling around in a sand pit when you get out! its all an adventure hey!
well must be going! will see most of you soon!
lots of love n hugs gem xxx