Gem and Hannie’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2005

Location: my home, UK

Maphey guys and girlies! well we are home!!!!

very strange to be back after such a long time away, but so far everything seems as we left it! which is weird, but sweet at the same time.

just wanted to say thank you for sharing this journey with hanni and me. the places we've been and the people we've met; we have so many happy memories of!

for those of you from home, your emails have been so much appreciated! so nice to hear what everyone is up to when your away! can't wait to catch up with you all soon! the pub awaits! a few drinks are owed one way or the other, i think. lol!

to those who we've travelled with. you have been wkd!

tamsin and fiona: you are two lovely girlies. the trip wouldn't of been the same with out you! can't wait to catch up with all your shinanegans around oz!

victoria and becs. so nice to keep bumping into you girls in nz and oz. hope brisbane is working out for you!

the rest of our thailand to singapore group: :D happy days

dyl: you mad welshy! You rock! I'd appoint you as the new pope any day. Sorry about missing the crab racing, but hey maybe we can introduce you to the maddness and thrilling pace of cam punting! probably not but hey its the nearest we have to it.

matt and mike: we love you guys so much. its so rare to meet people who are really themselves around everyone. so cool reading your shinanegans.. brings a huge smile to our faces. your so funny! missing the fake holland accent. hope to see you soon when you get bk

henry! no one dances like you! such a dude. see you in leeds!

dan and big mike! travelling up the east coast was brilliant with you guys! hope your travels in thailand were as wkd as ours were

the rest of our surfing buddies! sweet sweet memories!

well i will try and put some photos up for you. once i can work out how on the website!

well its time to unpack and decontaminate my rucksack of all the rubbish it has collected! nice.

take care and see you really soon
lots of love n hugs gem and of course the fabulous hanni!