Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Aug 2014

MapDay 2 traveling
Most of the day spent on the plane. A 13.5 hour flight to Barcelona. Smooth and up to normal standard. Arrived 8.15 am so we gained about 8 hours. Got bus into centre and walked to hotel just off La Rambla and not far from Catalunya Plaza. Very nice little hotel in good location. Too early to check in so we walk down La Rambla and thru the tiny alleyways full of shops, bars etc. Went thru the Barcelona market, full of colour and vibrance. Bought a pair of Ray Bans for E4. I notice nearly everyone wears them. Impossible to tell if they are the real thing. Had a look through Picasso Museum. Then Mal and Kerry arrive at airport and we meet them at Catalunya and check in, have a shower  and go looking for our first beer. Have beer and the girls have a nice vino blanco and Tapas at the market and then wander down La Rambla and have another massive beer. I almost have to use 2 hands to lift it. We have more tapas as it comes with the drinks and Mal and I have a very nice paella. Barcelona is really a nice place and is full of tourists but it does have a nice feel to it. The Spanish are very friendly and language is not a problem as they all seem to speak English. Prices seem reasonable and the place is clean. We get back to hotel at 7.30 and I don't remember hitting the pillow. We sleep for 13 hours but I think we are now back to feeling normal.