Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Aug 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 5 Grenada and Ronda. 
Got up at 5 to catch 7.20 flight to Grenada. Chaos at airport and it takes an hour to check in with Vueling. We get to gate with not a lot of time to spare. Pleasant 90 min flight to Grenada. Then pick up a car and drive into Grenada. This is not easy as the streets are not well marked. Also hard to pick up the names on the GPS. Luckily there's not a lot of traffic as it is a Sunday but Granada is quite a big city and the streets are not that easy to negotiate. The drive is interesting with a couple of one way streets the wrong way and failure to stop at a couple of red lights! Finding somewhere to park in the middle of the city is a problem also. We arrive near the start of the walking tour we have pre booked but can't find it. We are about 8 mins late and give up and start thinking coffee and then we stumble upon the tour operator by accident. He is fine and we do the 2 hour walk. We are glad we did as it is very informative and we see parts of the city that we might not have otherwise. After tour we have lunch and then drive to Ronda, which is a very old town with a very high bridge in the centre. In medieval times non believers were thrown off the bridge in large numbers. There is no chance of survival as the bridge is as high as Cape Wiles. The town is beautiful with large shady parks, nice shopping areas and plenty of tapas bars. I have really got to like the Spanish food. It's like having a progressive dinner and not knowing what you're going to get. The quality does vary a lot, as do the prices. Generally it is not expensive. We finish the night with drinks in a bar just under the top of the bridge with amazing views out over the hills and then a shared paella at a restaurant in the town. Our hotel is really nice an typical Spanish with lots of dark timber and tiles and mosaics. Our concierge is typical Spaniard with big belly, slicked back white/grey hair, moustache and striped shirt. He is quite friendly. The south of Spain is really what one pictures Spain to be like. Very hot, inhospitable hills where not much appears to grow other than olives and villages on the hills, all white and shining in the hot sun.