Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 6 Ronda and Seville
We like Ronda so we decide to stay until lunch and then drive to Seville after lunch. We have breakfast at our beautiful little hotel and check out, drag the cases down to where our car is parked and then do a tour of the town in a quaint little tour bus. We chug up and down tiny little cobbled streets and stop on the way to look thru parks and the old medieval city. The day is very hot but the town has many shaded areas. We pay 1 each to look through the cathedral and we climb up to the bell tower which is covered in bird poo. Just as we get to the top the bell rings right in my left ear and I nearly jump out of my skin. Mal and Kerry seem to think that is very funny. After lunch we start our next leg of the journey but not without some delay getting out of the carpark. There is a team of attendants but they take what seems forever to let cars out. You have to be patient in Spain as with many other parts of Europe. It's Mal's turn to drive today and he does well to get out of the park. We start by going up a one way street the wrong way but no other cars around so no drama. The wipers come on a few times instead of the indicators but Mal negotiates us out of Ronda without incident. Ruth and Kerry are in the back doing the navigating. I'm the stop light monitor. All good until we get into Seville then the fun starts. It's a big city and every light is red and stays that way for ages. The GPS doesn't like our address so we have to find our own way and this is challenging. Mal gets a bit stressed so Kerry starts singing "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands". Mal finishes the line off with something unprintable. We laugh but it's still tense. We work out that we got very close to our hotel but then we find we are driving back out of town. We eventually find our road and Mal spots the hotel. What a relief. We unpack, take the car to the railway station across the road from the hotel - this is not as easy as it should be but we finally out the car behind us and agree that there are advantages to taking the bus or train. The first 3 beers don't touch the sides. The girls are already into it by the time we get back to the hotel, which is very nice. A modern 4 star but only 90 per night. Must be plenty of competition here. We have tapas for dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel and it is 60 for dinner and drinks including a very nice Roija red and beers. Amazing value considering it was a very good meal. Prices and quality are quite variable depending on what area we are in. This is a good way to finish the day after the rather stressful drive into the city. Even though we had moments of tenseness, nobody loses their cool and we all know we will get to our destination eventually. Mal and Kerry are an ideal couple to travel with.