Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 7 Seville
The hotel advises that it is 5 mins by taxi into the city centre. We consider possibly walking but decide to get a taxi. It takes 17 mins and we suspect that the 5 in trip is the one you take at 5 in the morning when things have slowed down. And he drops us off in the wrong street. We ask around and eventually find our way to the start of the 3 hr guided bike tour that we are doing today. There's a group of about 10 of us including another couple from Aus. We have a good look around at the cathedral (the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world), the Plaza de Espana, parliament house, the botanic gardens (jardines) and other sights. It is another great city full of tourists. We go back to the hotel and then back into the centre for dinner, hoping to catch some live music and a flamenco show in the Triana area but they don't get going until midnight and that's a bit late for us! We have dinner about  8.30 which is quite early - many restaurants don't open until 9. It is a bit quiet around us but by the time we finish dinner the streets re starting to come alive. By 10 the streets are full of people and the sound of people chatting. The whole atmosphere seems to transform into a real buzz. Little side streets have small groups of people drinking and eating. For a lot of people the night doesnt start until midnight and kicks on until 5 or 6am. We are disappointed we don't see any live music apart from a couple of young blokes who need quite a bit more practice. So we get into the taxi and head back to the hotel. Have a drink at the very good restaurant downstairs and we have a very good waiter and a very sour waitress. The Spanish are, by nature, quite abrupt but seem mainly quite friendly. We have experienced a mixture. Generally my impression is that they are friendly helpful people in the main. And they love to party.