Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 06 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 11 Santander and Solares
Got on the bus at 9.45 for half hour drive to start in Santander. Race started at 12. Managed to have a talk to Orica tour director Neil Stephens and close up photos of Cameron Meyer (had a talk with him) and Michael Matthews. This is very different to the tour de France. Access to riders is easy. Much easier than even the TDU. You can walk amongst the buses and the riders unlike the TDU which is all barricaded. Bought a few items at the merchandise stores. Bought some gloves and socks. Santander is a beautiful place with a nice beach but very heavily populated with high rise apartment buildings as far as you can see. Saw the race start and went back to the hotel by bus and had lunch at a little cafe in Solares then went for 60k ride through back roads past farms and thru towns. Was a really nice ride and easier than yesterday. Only one hill and that wasn't too bad. Ruth and Kerry do a nice 40k ride on similar route to ours. There were 3 ride options today so the organisers cater well for all riders. Back at the hotel in time to see on tv a huge battle between Contador, Froome and Rodriguez up a very big hill. Had a few drinks then off to town for dinner. Went to a Mexican restaurant but food was fairly ordinary. I feel a cold coming on so might need  to modify my rides the next couple of days.