Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 15 Oviedo 
Another slightly less chaotic breakfast at the hotel and we are off on our bikes through the hills and it is quite cool and foggy. After an hour the sun comes out and we ride through beautiful hills and valleys. We have one climb today of about 500m at around 7% and it is very nice with plenty of shade and past farm houses?  see some glass on the road on the descent but it is too late and I hit it and my back tyre is slashed. Eric changes it fairly quickly. Ruth is riding really well and although she struggles to keep up on the hills her descending has improved immensely and often Adam, one of the tour guides, is able to pace her back to the group. Our first crash of the tour involves Kurt from America. His bike slides on a very slippery part of the road and it is fortunate noone else comes down. We ride 70km through the Asturias to the Atlantic coastal town of  Cudillero in Galicia. This is a really beautiful little town with narrow cobbled streets and brightly colored houses, lots of cafes and restaurants. We have a couple of hours in the town and get on the bus for the 300km trip to Sanxenxo on the Atlantic coast. The trip is interesting. The  4 lane highway must have cost billions as there are dozens of huge bridges that traverse the hills. They recover the costs via tolls though.
We pass vineyards and farms. There are endless towns and small villages, never more than a couple of km apart but seemingly connected by houses dotted all over the landscape. Our hotel where we will be for the next 3 nights is superb, overlooking the Sanxenxo bay. Dinner is the hotel tonight was really nice, scallops entree followed by steak and ice cream desert. As I type this I can hear the waves of the Atlantic rolling in and feel the sea breeze. Doesn't get much better.