Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 13 Oviedo
85km ride for me and 50k for Ruth today. Rode out of Oviedo 20k to the race route and then did the first climb of the race. Today is the hardest stage for the racers as they have 5 major (category 1) climbs. We ride up the first one which is about 10 k and about 6% ave and it is shaded most of the way. The locals cheers us on as the race is only about an hour behind us. We descend on a fairly rough road and it is quite technical. I wonder if there will be any crashes as the pros go down these very quickly. At the bottom of the descent is the little town of Pola de Lena which has the first sprint point of the race and we see the race come through. We have lunch there. We order 2 sandwiches but wish we had ordered only one. The Spaniards have very large meals and there are a lot of large Spaniards around. We wrap one of the sandwiches up and take it back to the hotel for later. Ruth goes back in the bus and I ride back in a group of 6 with Eric and it is pretty quick with him on the front all the way doing 40kph most of the way into a head wind. Alan Davis, former Orica Greenedge pro and winner of the TDU in 2009 (when Lance Armstrong was in the field) has joined us for 3 days of riding. He is a very friendly bloke and has invited Ruth and I to have dinner with him and his wife when we are in San Sebastian in a weeks time as he lives there. Dinner tonight is in a fairly ordinary restaurant. Mal & Kerry have steaks and Ruth has lamb chops, which are really good. I have Paella as usual. We have beers and 2 bottles of red plus a large salad all for 105, about $140 aud.