Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 17 Sanxenxo 
Rode to race finish in La Cangas. Mainly flat but a few hills on the way. 55km total. An overcast day so was ideal for cycling.  This part of Spain is very heavily populated it seems every square inch of coastline is built on so the ride is through built up areas the whole way. It is not a particularly nice ride as there is a lot of traffic and we don't go through much nice countryside. The race was won by Aussie Adam Hansen, riding for Belgian team Lotto Bellisol. Of course, Eric claimed credit for the win. Had lunch near the finish line and got a good spot at the 300m mark. The Spanish seem so much more trusting than Aussies. I have not had to provide my credit card when ordering from a restaurant, no matter how busy they might be. At places where they sell pinxtos they take your word for how many you have had. One of most used words by the Spanish is "manyana" which means tomorrow. Everything gets done tomorrow. Had a very ordinary dinner at one of the many cafes but probably would have been ok if we had known what to order. Mal, Kerry and Ruth all dipped their feet in the Atlantic Ocean on the way back to the hotel. Even though it is a quick dinner we don't get back to the hotel until 10.30