Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Sep 2014

Location: Spain

MapDay 20 Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastian
After breakfast we say goodbye to Mal and Kerry as they are traveling to Greece via Turkey. Mal meets up with Chris Froome at the airport!! We get on the bus for the 9 hour trip to Bilbao and our traveling companions are Bill, Kurt and Ellie. They are returning home to the US and are catching their flight from Bilbao. We go through the mountains of the Asturias then across the relative desolation of Cantabria. There are wide open spaces somewhat reminiscent of upper Spencer Gulf. We have to stop several times so our driver, Vincent, can rest. The rules here are very strict for bus and truck drivers. Arrive Bilbao 8pm and get a taxi from the railway station where we have been dropped off, to the bus station and get a bus to San Sebastian. Itis peak hour is Bilbao at 8.30 pm. It takes and hour to get to San Sebastian.  We arrive at 10 pm and go looking for somewhere to eat of course. We are staying very close to the beach. We are becoming quite Spanish as we eat at 11pm like they do. We find a restaurant in the old part of the city but it's a bit dissapointing as the main courses are ordinary but we have the traditional bean dish for entree and it's not bad. Its not expensive though. A glass of wine is about $3 and the total bill is about $70. food and wine in Spain is not expensive. Back at the hotel at about 12. Accommodation is not as good as we have had but it is still fine.