Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Sep 2014

MapDay 23 Bordeaux to Cadillac
We leave our hotel after breakfast (included in deal) at 9.30 and find our way out of Bordeaux fairly easily. The guide book is good and we ride out of the centre of the city, across the main bridge and then turn right and follow the Gordonne River for about 10km. We go through the industrial area and then get in to country, following a small river through forests and then into wine country. The French are now harvesting grapes. We come across a very friendly French lady and have a conversation as she speaks broken English. We find in the country not as many people speak English so communication is more interesting. We can generally get a beer or a coffee or a sandwich without too much problem though. We have a coffee at a small cafe where nobody speaks any English. We pass through many very small villages and there seems that nobody is around. We get to Cadillac after nearly 50k of riding. This is a bigger village but still quite small. We get here without taking any wrong turns and we see our travel guide (he has taken our luggage to our hotel) on the way. He stops in the middle of the road (as the French do) and has a quick conversation. The roads are narrow and quiet and for much of the way we are on a bike path. On arrival at our hotel (Chateau de la Tour) we have a shower and walk into town. It has a town square with a few shops but many are closed for "siesta". We go through the castle of Cadillac and it is quite surreal and pleasant to be about the only people in the castle. It is not as glitzy as Versailles but it is still very impressive with huge tapestries, paintings, sculptures and stairways etc. It is worth the 6 entry fee. It has an amazing suspended marble staircase, a real feat of engineering considering it was built about 300 years ago. Back at the hotel we watch CNN and Aust is in the news re terrorists threatening to carry out a public beheading. dinner in the hotel is quite up market with very attentive waiters. The waitress doesn't speak English and we order a wine which furs out to be a very sweet botrytis type which we can't drink this early so the waiter outs it in the fridge and brings us a dry white. We have a 39 menu as they do in France. It is 3 course. The meal is ver good and e desert, poached pear for me is superb. Total cost 81 or approx $110.