Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Sep 2014

MapDay 27 St Emillion to Bordeaux 
We decided to be a bit adventurous today and find our own way back to Bordeaux as the ride per the guide book is 75km and winds it's way around in loops. We decide we will ride to the bike path and we have to find our way to it. We look at maps and have spoken to the tourist info centre. It's not a good start as we get onto a main road and end up riding 4 extra km to Branne than we would have if we had followed the guide book. After that though all is fine and we find the path 35km from Bordeaux. It's a very pleasant stress free ride back to Bordeax. We arrive at about 1.15 and have pizza before getting the bikes back to the hotel. Our bags are delayed and don't arrive until 5.15 and there is a a bit of concern as we contemplate what losing our bags might mean! At least we do have our passports as we have been taking them with us but our itineraries and tickets etc are all in the cases. They arrive so it's not a problem. We have Italian at a restaurant in the square just down from the hotel. I have veal parmy and it is very different to what we are used to at home but it is far better than I have had before. It is veal pieces cooked to perfection with pasta, slightly oiled. Ruth has penne with eggplant and basil which is also good.