Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Sep 2014

Location: France

MapDay 28 Bordeaux to Paris
Last look at Bordeaux with a coffee and croissant then got on the train for the 3.5 hour fast trip to Paris. Taxi at Montparnasse to Latin Qtr. Hotel is fine and in great location. We walk up the street to the Pantheon. Like so many other monuments in Paris it is gigantic and breathtaking. It is the greatest honor for the French to be buried in the pantheon. It contains the bodies of French heroes such as politicians and philosophers and others like the Curies. We then went to the first performance aver of Mozart's Requieim at Notre Dam cathedral. This was incredible. A 40 piece choir plus 20 piece orchestra from London. The acoustics are unbelievable. At the end of each sequence just die away slowly yet there is no reverberation of sound while the music is in progress. Hard to explain but it was an amazing experience. They received a long standing ovation from the audience of around 1000. It was musical perfection and a fitting tribute to the composer, especially as it was the last piece he wrote before he died. It demonstrated the genius of Mozart and the extraordinary talent of the singers and players. I don't think in took a breath in the second movement. An amazing experience. We sat next to an Austrian couple who see classical music at it's best in Vienna and Salzburg etc and they were stunned by it. Probably the best musical experience i have ever had. I think Ruth enjoyed it too! At 10.30 pm we walked back to the hotel (about 10 mins away) and stopped off at a creperie on the way. The Latin quarter is well and truly alive. All the restaurants and many shops are open. Paris is an amazing place