Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Sep 2014

Location: France

MapDay 29 Paris
A day of walking. Walking tour from Notre Dam to Eiffel Tower with a great guide. It is a really good tour and we learn a lot about the history of the monuments etc. It is about 6 km of walking there and another 6pm back. We walk back via the Military museum and view the tomb of Napolean Bonaparte. It is a pretty amazing museum with displays of weapons etc from the last 300 years. We get back to Notre Dam and walk a bit further on to Quai d'Orleans to the Chopin Museum. It is housed in the Musee de Poland. To me this is a sacred place. It is only one room as the main museums to Chopin are in Warsaw.  There is a plaster cast of his hand plus some original manuscripts and a Pleyel piano that he played back in the mid 1800s and still in pristine condition. After that it's back to St Ephrem church, just a block away from our hotel for a performance on a Yamaha grand piano by French pianist Yannael Quenel. He is fairly young and plays a selection of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Paulenc and his own compositions. He is a vituoso and about 50 people are present in this 500 year old church. After the concert I buy his CD and get a photo with him. A small kid about 8 yrs old sits in the front row, transfixed by the performance. Maybe he will be a virtuoso one day. After the concert we walk down the street a little and have a menu dinner at one of the many restaurants there. The French have these "menu" dinners where it is a set price for 3 courses and you have a choice of about 8 different items for each serve. I'm not sure they are better value than simply choosing from the a la carte menu though.