Greg Eden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Sep 2014

Location: France

MapDay 30 Paris
Another day of walking. We didn't have any set plan for today and it was good to be able to amble around and just discover things. We walked to Bastille Place for breakfast and went through the market which is regarded as the best in Paris. We then came back to the Saint Louis Chapel (near Notre Dam). We had about a 20min wait in the queue to view the chapel. The feature is the huge 13th century stained glass windows which are being restored at a cost of 10million. We then walked to the magnificent Luxembourg gardens. This is about 25 hectares of gardens in the centre of Paris with all sorts of leisure facilities. Heaps of chess boards with mainly older men playing, petanque areas, hundreds of chairs, water areas and next to the Luxembourg Palace. Very French. After that we walked back into the heart of the Latin quarter and just looked around. It is a very interesting area. An amazing number of bookshops-almost as many of these as there are souvenir shops. Restaurants and bars everywhere. I'm glad we chose to stay here as it is so lively. There are a lot of beggars around but they seem quite high class!! I noticed one tonight talking on his mobile phone. I think there seem to be more than when we were here last. The news today that terrorists might be planning attacks on subways in Paris is disconcerting. I wonder how this is going to affect tourism. It is bound to have an impact  i think. Paris is very dependent on tourism I am sure. Its our last day in Paris and it's a it sad to leave but it will also be good to get home. It's been a great trip. Highlights for me were Agliru in Spain and the Mozart Requiem at Notre Dam. Spending the first 2 weeks with Mal and Kerry was great and I hope we can do it again.