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Marsden Whitby’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Oct 2014

Location: Suva, Fiji

MapSo it was an eventful start to our travels. We flew out of Wellington on a bumpy night and arrived in Auckland on an even bumper one! Flights were delayed all round by the wet weather so we didn't arrive in Auckland until after 9pm. Baggage was picked up without incident and then we checked in to the Jet Park Hotel - abeit briefly as the alarms were set for a 4.30am shuttle pick-up. Back to the airport and checked onto our Air Fiji flight and then a rather quick breakfast as we walked down to our gate. The flight over was very smooth and uneventful and as we exited the plane the heat and humidity of Fiji made its presence well and truly felt! Customs was all good and our bus driver was there to meet us. A short journey to St Christpher's Home and some time spent settling in and unpacking! Duty groups were organised and then everyone visited the local supermarket to buy food to make their designated meals for the next 3 days. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and we are greeted with warm smiles everywhere we go. The first group's vegetarian take on Butter Chicken was a great hit - especially with Ms Methorst! Some quiet time spent reading, playing cards and then everyone hit the sack very early! After a good night's sleep we were ready to face the day. Some had not taken on board the advice about not leaving food lying aruond in rooms, however, so a small mouse came to visit. Much screaming and shouting all round but hopefully a lesson learned :-) After breakfast was had and lunches prepared our van and driver came to drive us into Suva. We spent an interesting time looking round the shops and the handicraft market. Souvenirs and keepsakes have been bought and we have contributed in no small way to the Fijian economy! Off to the beach this afternoon and everyone very keen to get into the water to cool off, if only temporarily. We have very limted access to internet so blog entries may be few and far between. All is going very well however and the group is very excited about getting to meet the orhanage inhabitants and the school children once the visit really gets under way! Ni sa moce (see you later)!