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Marsden Whitby’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Oct 2014

Location: suva, Fiji

MapAnother brief opportunity to access internet so a quick rundown of the past few days. Saturday morning we all headed into Suva town and went shopping for souvenir and gifts. There were some bargains to be had and it was a successful trip. Then we hopped onto our shuttle van and headed out towards Pacific Harbour for a swim. Our driver recommended Uprising as a better alternative and he was quite correct! We all swam and enjoyed the beachside atmosphere. Would be a lovely place to stay with bures right along the beach front. Back home and another delicious meal of pasta with a delicious sauce plus extra vegetables and fried potatoes. No one is going hungry on this trip. Sunday we met with Sister Kalo who runs St Christopher's Home and we attend a service at the local church along with the sisters and the residents of the orphanage. Back to our home base for lunch and a delicious egg fried rice whipped up under Ms Methorst's expert guidance. Then we headed out to St John's parish with Mr Senagar. This is a 5 village parish run by 3 non-stipendiary priests. The service was outstanding with tremendous singing and dancing. Afterwards we were treated to a lavish afternoon tea after Ms Methorst and Mrs Winnall had accepted kava on behalf of the group. Back home late and this time bangers and mash for dinner. A brief report back on our activities so far and then bed. Today we are at Bishop Kempthorne Primary School and the students are variously working with pre-school, Year 1 and Year 2 students. Everyone is having a blast! Tomorrow we will be presenting our gifts to the school - sewing machines and a laminator and the boys will be digging the lovo pit ready for lunch in the afternoon. On Wednesday the group will be working with Y9 students at Basden College.