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Marsden Whitby’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Oct 2014

Location: Suva, Fiji

MapAll the students at Bishop Kempthorne were delighted with their visitors from New Zealand and responded with energy and enthusiasm to all activities. On the way home we stopped for more supplies at the local supermarket and then the Y13s spent some time playing with the children who live in St Christopher's home. Dinner was another fine meal of pasta and sauce and we all then attended the children's service at St Christopher's. This is an evening service comprising mainly singing of favourite hymns, closing with a special Psalm recitation and blessing. It was a very spirited and moving experience. Back in our lodgings and the Y13s all settled into their study for an hour, then we spent some time planning what activities they might run with a class of 55 Y9s! This is clearly going to need to be split into smaller groups! 10pm bedtime was slightly disrupted by the discovery of a monster cockroach in Mrs W's room. Josh was marginally helpful in that he dislodged it but then lost it! Half a can of Raid brought it out of hiding and it was finally dispatched with a can of tinned pears. Today the boys have been involved in preparing a lovo. This is the Fijian version of a hangi and involves making a pit in which meat, fish, taro and cassava are slowly cooked over hot rocks. We will be sampling the results of their hard work shortly. Tomorrow we visit the Diocesan Office and the House of Sarah and spend the afternoon working with Y9s at Basden College.