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Alex’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Nov 2014

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapHello Beautiful People,

I have already received some lovely messages from friends and family, and it feels nice to still be able to keep in touch from 'down under'.

So on the first day we arrived.... IT WAS HOT! We got off the plane to beautiful blue sky and gorgeous scenery.
We went to sit outside the airport at a café table. As we were still in our (manky) travel clothes we decided to change into something a little more appropriate.
Patiently, I waited for Florence to quickly pop to the bathroom to change into something fresh. As the time went by, it began to get hotter by the minute. So after 20 minutes of waiting, it was getting really warm.
When Florence returned, I went to change and then we met back at the table.
Looking at eachother, sweating a bit, we realised its only 8am in the morning and its about to get a whole lot hotter!

We began to lug our big bags to a bus stop to work out how to get to our hotel. Luckily we met a fellow Englishman, a Southamptonite no less, who was instrumental in our success of reaching the hotel.
As the bus carried us to Bondi Junction, we got to see the outskirts of Sydney. Its very pretty, and in some ways, quite similar to England (just nicer). We arrived at Bondi Junction (train station) and got the train to Milsons Point aka. Kirribilli.

In typical Alex fashion, I didn't want to ask for directions to our hotel, which led me to lead Florence in the complete opposite direction to our destination, in 39C heat with 15kg of weight on our backs! Sorry Florence!
We did however stumble across a gorgeous park called Clark Park (google it), it looks out over Sydney Harbour and was a very welcomed resting point. Eventually we asked for directions and began the 25 minute walk to our hotel.

The hotel is fantastic. Big thanks to mum for upgrading our room to a Queen Room with Balcony. Incredibly generous, so thankyou very much for that!
By this point we are really tired! Jet lag and heat exhaustion are setting in.
We walked to a little dock near our hotel to wait for a ferry to take us to Sydney City Centre. We arrived at this dock thanks to my fantastic directions! It turned out that the ferry doesn't stop at this dock, so I think it's 2-0 to Florence. Damn! However, we took some fantastic photos (I have made a photo page so check it out).

After walking to the correct dock, we decided to leave Sydney City Centre for another day and head to Milsons Point to get some food.
We had a great Pizza and welcomed cold drink. By this point, it's 3pm local time, 4am GMT, and we're exhausted.

We walked back to the hotel and fell asleep, woke up around 8pm to Skype family and then went back to sleep until 4am local time. So a good 12 hours sleep, but wide awake at 4am. Fantastic.
We decided to head to breakfast at 7am, get into Sydney, then have another early night.

Before heading into Sydney, we took a walk to Wendy's Secret Garden. A truly beautiful place. Open to the public for free, it's a lovely place to explore. I didn't take many pictures, so if you are curious and want to know more, google it!

We walked across Sydney Harbour Bridge to get into the City Centre. Took about 20 minutes and was a really pretty walk. We explored the local area, took a walk along the water front, where there are lots of street performers, and got the ferry back from Sydney dock to Milsons Point to head back to the hotel.

Today we are off to the Sydney Opera House (Courtesy of David and Judy) to see Henry V play.

Will add another post soon.

Take care everyone!!! x