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Alex’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Nov 2014

Location: Australia

MapHello Everyone!!!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post.

It has been very manic over the last few days but I will try and pick up from the last post as best as I can.

As I remember it, I left you all on the day that we went to the Opera house.....

Little did I know, but Sydney Opera House is not just one huge room. Maybe a bit naïve of me to think that this was the case... It is made up of many different Theatres, and which one you are in depends on your bank balance... No I am only kidding, different parts of the theatre require different dress codes etc.

So we went to see Henry V. There was a really interesting and clever twist on it that I definitely was not expecting. Although unlikely that you may see the exact play, I wont spoil it so I will leave this part of the post unfinished.

Btw, sorry if a lot of this is not making sense, grammar is poor, or just quite frankly boring... I am horrifically tired, but making use of the free Wi-Fi at our campsite.

So, after the Opera, we walked back to our hotel (over the Harbour Bridge) and had an early night.

The next day was the start of the real adventure. The day we collected the Campervan. We made our way to the site to collect the vehicle... and.... what a beast it was!
Narrow...Tall.... lots of branding and decal over it. Lovely and safe!
All jokes aside, it is wicked! We have a small fridge, gas cooker, microwave, sink with running water and a seating area that converts to a bed.

Im not going to lie, it does get really hot inside the van throughout the day, but surprisingly, it gets quite cold in the evening, so its quite a nice balance as we do not have aircon! (we bought a fan for $12 though.. Bargain!)

So on the first day of having the van, we drove to Coogee Beach, parked up and attempted the walk to Bondi Beach. It is roughly 6km, but due to parking times, we only got about half way before we had to turn back. It was a beautiful walk though. We heard yesterday on the radio that a Great White Shark was caught in a fishing net by Bondi Beach when we were there. Good job we didn't get into the water!

From Coogee beach we went to the main supermarket (Coles) to stock our fridge up, and then headed north to find our campsite for the night. Safe to say, we got quite lost. We didn't arrive at the site until 9:30pm, to find that the reception was closed and we had no choice but to park up on the side of the road and sleep there.

The next day, we checked into the Campsite nice and early, and then headed off to Taronga Zoo. Please, please, book a flight and come to Taronga Zoo. AMAZING!!! Not only have they got a trillion animals there, and that its huge and a really well kept place, but they also care for the animals and their habitats. Taronga are really active with increasing declining animal numbers, conservationists, and are giving the sick animals a place to heal and educate the public.
Really worth a google!

We had a lovely night stay at the campsite. The next morning we took a drive to see where they film Home and Away (North Palm Beach), which was quite cool. Very pretty around there, and I have taken some pictures and will upload them as soon as I get a chance to.
After that we travelled up to Kuri Kuri (West of Newcastle) to see some of Florence's friends. We were fed, watered, and able to park up on their lawn and stay the night (no camp fees.. Yay!).

This morning we took a drive to the Hunters Valley. For all who do not know, this is Australia's wine region. We sampled a good few wines. Some really lovely, some not so great, but hey, at least you can try before you buy. It was a hot day today too, so mainly the white wines we sampled. I think at its peak it was around 45C today. around 5:30 it was still 37C and it was a lot cooler at 5:30 than earlier in the day.

The vineyards were beautiful, and the wine lovely, so we picked up a bottle of Multi Gold Award Winning Semillon ($15) and some fantastic cheese, came back to the campervan, ate and drank a few glasses of wine, whilst playing a few games of cards.

As I sit here now, ALL of the windows in the campervan are shut. There must be about 50 beetles thudding up against the windows of the van trying to get in. Roughly a thousands midges finding their way through the gaps, and a few mosquitos flying around. Safe to say, I am not having fun tonight!

Tomorrow we begin our long journey to Brisbane. Its around 8-9hr journey but we will take 2 days to do it. Hopefully the campsite we are staying at tomorrow will have Wi-Fi and I can upload some pictures for you all to see.

Speak soon x