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Alex’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014

Location: Australia

MapHello Everyone!

I believe my last post was about the Hunters Valley and the bugs trying to get into our van!
At the moment, I cannot check to see if this is the case. We are at a Campsite at Hervey Bay, and the Wi-fi signal is very weak. So I need to move from the van to the Wi-Fi point to be able to make a post, however my laptop has low battery, so its charging in the van and i'm writing this post on Word, to then paste onto Planet Ranger!

So it turned out that my irrational fear or insects isn’t so irrational. The night that all the bugs were trying to get into our van, it seems that a few made their way through.
I was bitten by something. Still do not know what. At first Florence and I thought it was a mosquito bite. But when my foot, ankle and leg doubled in size, our imagination wondered. A spider? A Wasp? Some other venomous critter? We drove about 3 hours north without too many problems to my foot (at this point it wasn’t too bad) to a campsite called South West Rocks (a Big4 campsite in case you wanted to google it). What a great site. We decided to punt for the en-suite site as it was only a few bucks more per night. We stayed for 2 nights at this campsite.
It had a swimming pool, pool table, table tennis table, mini cinema, fantastic views and LOTS OF KANGAROOS!
Whilst I was using our lovely en-suite facilities I heard a shout from Florence for me to come outside. As I did, I was faced, head on, about 2 metres away from a Kangaroo. Then we looked around to see 6 more Kangaroos and baby Kangaroos (not Joey’s, a little older than that) grazing on the grass.
Florence’s endeavour for the trip was to see a wild Kangaroo and she got to see many of them hopping around a metre away from our van.
After the first night, we woke to my foot and leg being doubled in size, I could barely walk, and we were both worried about it. We went to the Chemist to see if they thought I needed to see the Doctor or go to the hospital ($60 to see the doctor). He gave me anti-histamine and topical ointment for the swelling. He had absolutely no clue what bit me, but made a joke about himself being a fine pharmacist. How that works I do not know.
So for the rest of the day I could barely walk. I still managed to head to the Supermarket, shop for food, a budget gazebo (because it gets so hot) and a couple of outdoor camping chairs. It didn’t take long to set the gazebo, although we probably looked like massive tourists doing it, especially with our Aussie Flag camping chairs haha. We went to bed and the next day it slowly got better. The Kangaroos still were wondering around. 8am-12pm and 4pm-8pm were their grazing times so we got to see them then.
The next day we started the long drive to Florence’s Uncles, Jon, in Queensland. Our air-conditioning in the campervan isn’t great, so we were sweating lots. It took us about 7 hours in total, with a few rest stops, but we finally arrived.
Queensland is an hour behind New South Wales so we are 10 hours ahead of the UK at the moment. Jon took us out for a Chinese on the day of arrival, which was like being hungover and ordering a dominoes. It was unbelievably welcomed.
The day after we went to Surfers Paradise beach in QLD for a bit, which was hot, the sea was cold, so it was a fantastic mix. We only stayed for an hour or so, headed to the supermarket to get some supplies, headed back to Jon’s, ate some food and went to sleep.
The next day, we left early and headed to Brisbane. It was only about an hour away, but we needed to get there to pop into Travellers Autobahn (the camper rental we hired from) to get some issues sorted out. We will upload pictures of our old rental soon, but basically it had a leaking water pipe, useless mossy nets and useless air-conditioning. They swapped our van for a newer one, with no company advertising on it which was nice.
We drove away in aircon that we had to turn down because it was so strong, to then find out I had left my wallet at the site. So a good 60km out of our way and we were back on the road.
We were heading to Hervey Bay for the night. We arrived after around 5-6 hours travelling and set up camp at the campsite we checked in at. Everything was ok, but not anything special. The next day (today) we were debating staying another night so to give me a break from driving. I should probably mention that my foot and leg are pretty much 100% better now. We took a walk around to see what the beach was like, to base the decision on that. We found 2 other campsites, one next to ours, and one on the beachfront. We decided to stay an extra day but move to the campsite at the coast. It’s an independent site and the manager gave us a discount on a beachside view site.
Fortunately for Florence this campsite does Fraser Island excursions (Florence’s no.1 place she wanted to visit) so we have booked an excursion and we leave TOMORROW. We have 2 days there. We get picked up from our campsite, taken to the dock, ferried over to the island, taken on a bus tour of the island, stay in a lovely hotel for the night with food all day and night, and then taken back to our campsite. An added perk is we get to leave the campervan at the campsite free of charge!
I will do another post, hopefully this time with pictures, when we return.
Love you all!!!