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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Apr 2017

Location: Akaroa, New Zealand

MapWell the camping spot on the boat ramp area was just great, that is until 10:00pm when the boy racers turned up, wheelies to begin with and then the loudest boom box Ive heard played booming music till 2:00am so consequently not much sleep,and I have decided that we will not take the risk on Saturday night and instead move on to Okains beach.
The afternoon was taken up with visiting the Harvest Festival, an annual,event displaying local produce (ie, mussels, lemon products,wine and olive oil) and cooking demonstrations. A very good way to raise money.
This is another very sheltered beach on the northern side of Akaroa. The road in was very very steep and winding, however the views were once again spectacular. The actual camp site was just off the beach and in amongst pine tree. The beach was long and had hardly anyone on it. It reminded me much of Mahia peninsular.
The next morning daylight saving had finished and it was up at 6:00am, Lyn shot outside to get pics of the amazingly brilliant red sunrise. After breakfast it was up and away towards Kaikoura. We stopped at Culverden for an ice cream as it was showing 28deg in the car and then tried to make contact with Lyns old school friend who was travelling to CHCH from Blenheim. Unfortunately we did not manage to connect.

It was then on to Kaikoura via the inland route as the coastal road was closed, again for urgent work to be carried out on some of the major slips. It took us about 2 hours to drive the 90 odd k's due to the large number of spots with new seal and metal. It was not an issue for us as we were not in a hurry. The damage caused by the earthquake is hard to imagine, the coastline that used to be there no longer exists, just rocks that are bleached by the sun and boat Ramps that are up in the air, really heartbreaking and we don't have to live with this day after day.
We ventured out to where the seal colony used to be when we were last here 27 years go, that time Steven & I stripped to our underware and went right out as far as we could go. Now it is just a case of walking on the rocks which are way out of the water.
Monday morning saw us up earlyish and on our way after we had done a wee grocery shop.
The trip to Hanmer was pretty good except all the stop go people, mind you most of them were young foreign tourists.
Hanmer is a reasonable sized town and the place we are parked at has a restaurant and motel. You pay $30 the first night and $20 thereafter. These are vouchers which you then redeem when you eat at the restaurant, in other words you actually stay free. After lunch we biked into town for a look and then it was off to the pools. We had about 3 hours there and it was just the bees knees and thoroughly enjoyable. We will be going again the next 2 days as well.

Tomorrow it is she who must be obeyeds birthday so we will have a relaxing time and dine out for dinner.