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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Apr 2017

Location: Picton - Home, New Zealand

MapWell Tuesday started out very wet and it rained almost all day, however it did not prevent us from doing anything. We spent the later part of the morning just browsing around the shops, thankfully there were no Sallies Op Shops here but we did find an old fashioned candy store. They sold aniseed balls, jaffas, humbugs,acid drops and many other old time lollies like milkshakes and milk bottles. After this it was back to the van for lunch and off to the hot pools for the rest of the afternoon. The pools are really something else and just what we wanted and needed to relax. That night it was Lyns celebration birthday dinner. The meal was absolutely superb and a great way to finish our time here.

Next day we had decided to move on to Murchison to cut down on the drive time to Blenheim. There were a lot of roadworks and stop go people along the way, however it was a great drive and quite stunning scenery again. We stopped at the Maruia Falls which were pretty amazing! They were created by the Murchison earthquake and the river bed rose about 8 metres. We stopped at the NZMCA camp again and spent some time around town. They had a cute little museum with some really interesting memorabilia in it. Next morning it was a 3 hour drive to Blenheim and we arrived to be met by Noel And Judy (Lyns cousin and his Wife). Mind you the trip would have been a lot quicker if I had not forgotten to fuel up and we had to do a 20km back track.

Upon our arrival Noel and Judy made yummy rolls for lunch and we then went on a bike ride into town for groceries and on the way we all picked up a shopping bag of Walnuts to take home. The trees were just letting them go on the bike track.
That night we made our tea and had it with N & J so we could watch the news and then play 5 Crowns with them, what a hoot!!!

Next morning my cousin Angela came to see us and Noel took us all, On a tiki tour around the different vineyards and wineries explaining what goes on and why he resigned. After lunch he then took us to a chocolate factory and a general drive around.Their free samples were delicious. Angela then took us to the Marlborough combined clubs to let Lyn and her have a look at the floral art display, we then had tea in our van and we then went back to the combined Clubs to watch the Hurricanes play NSW, a great result.

Saturday saw us off again with Angela as N & J had left to travel home, first destination was the Peter Yealand winery for some tasting, education and a tour around the winery. He is a very controversial, entrepreneurial wine grower, but what he is doing wth music and eco friendly practices seem to be making economical sense. Later after lunch we went to the Aviation history museum that Peter Jackson had placed all his WW1 and WW11 planes in. I found it informative but Lyn did not really get a buzz.
That night it was off to Angela's for a lovely meal and then back to the van for our final night on the road. This morning it was a case of packing up for the last time then off to church with Angela at her Oasis church, before heading to Picton. The church service was really good and good uplifting messages were given. Unfortunately we had to leave a bit early to catch the ferry.
The day has been wind free and sunny so far and long may it last till we get home to our own bed tonight.