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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2018

Location: Rawene, New Zealand

MapToday was one of the highlights of the safari. Driving through the miles of untouched native bush in the Waipoua forest and then seeing the massive Kauri trees was mind blowing, mind you it was almost van blowing!!! We went in to the Waipoua forest info centre, 8 K's in on a dirt road and very very narrow and as luck would have it we met another van going in the reverse direction at the narrowist point, we had bout 1 inch between us and one inch between us and the cliff face and the had the same between them and the drop!!! We could not go back and neither could they, a very close call with minor scrapes for us both and to top it off the journey in was a waste of time.
There were 2 walks into the 2nd largest kauri and the largest one called Tane Mahuta. This was massive in all respects and well worth the walks.
Later on we passed through Opononi where I actually learned to swim 63 years before when Opo the dolphin was still alive. The next day we will catch the ferry to the other side of the Hokianga harbour.