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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2018

Location: Cape Reinga, New Zealand

MapThe hole in the road was still there so we used a forest logging truck road to get to the ninety mile beach. It just happened that the annual Snapper fishing competition was on that weekend and there were a thousand hopeful fishermen and woman scatterd along the beach for about 10 miles with some really fancy set ups and some pretty basic ones. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and we went through a lot of mist and rain which of course affected the views. We then headed inland to the massive sand dunes for some sightseeing and some dune tobogganing. His lordship tried it out and managed to end up not at the bottom of the dune but in the middle of the stream much to everyone amusement.
Next it was lunch at a DOC reserve on the beach, then off to the cape. Once again the weather affected the views and scenery but that is one thing that no one has control over. We chose to take the adventurist route to the lighthouse and as a result we were the last back to the bus and we received a hearty welcome when we got on. It was then on to another couple of bays and back to the camp via long logging truck roads as the road north/south had not been repaired.