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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Mar 2018

Location: Paihia , New Zealand

MapOn the way here to Paihia we had a detour to Kerikeri which was nice, a stroll down the shopping area and a bit of a stock up at the supermarket, it was then on to Paihia, the camp ground was spacious and had very good facilities. We unpacked the bikes and went for a ride to the Treaty Grounds. This was perhaps the biggest disappointment so far as to just get on to the treaty grounds for a look, it would have cost Lyn and I $50 and if we were a foreign visitor it would have been $100.
We biked on up the the hill and walked down the boundary fence for a cheap look, all in all the feeling of a rip-off.
The next morning we had an easy start with a look around the town before lunch and then off to Kaikohe.
We set up at the local A, P & I show grounds and then I headed off for a game of golf. For the first time I actually played decent golf and went round in one under my handicap.
Then it was a catered dinner for a final night of the safari, all in all a great experience.
Today however "MURPHY" caught up with us with the whole safari being quarinteened due to some of the members going down with the dreaded lurgy.
We have been banned from the national rally until the test results are in and not allowed of this site. The fear is, is that it is a Noravirus infection. More to come.

After having been told at about10:15 that we were there to stay for 6 days minimum, everyone started to try and get used to the situation.
Thankfully at 11:00am we were told that the problem was bad water and if we emptied all our water supplies and filled up again in Whangarei we would be admitted to the National rally, yeehaa.
It was them a case of getting rid of the water and heading off, we arrived here about 2:00pm after having queued up to get new water, parking, setting up, registration and then off to do a grocery shop along the way running into Ken Hodren, Lyns cousin Pauline's husband who are up here for the rally. Upon our return the heavens opened up for about 1/12 hours, thankfully we were home and dry. Lyn then cooked a scrumptious mince dinner and we intend heading off to the main marque for socialising etc.
More tomorrow.