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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Apr 2018

Location: Whangaparaoa, New Zealand

MapWe had a good evening with the Kids and of course our bundle of joy, Christopher (CJ). We arranged the programme for Lyns 70th birthday and then off to bed in our van. Next day it was Happy Birthday to the 70 year old and then around to pick up CJ and into town on the bus and the main one was a double decker and he loved being up the front on top. We had a Maccas ice cream and then up Quenn street, boy it is noisy and busy. I managed to get my Vodafone acc sorted and then Lyn had a shop while CJ had a nap, then it was off to Burger King for lunch and stroll around the water front before Steven picked us all up and then off to home, get changed and out to the RSA for a nice family meal, then off to bed. Lyn had lots of phone calls and messages from family and friends including Auzzie and our Zimbabwean friends.
This morning it was on the road again and then off to Thames on the Coromandel for the night. We have a lovely spot overlooking the sea and waiting for the sunset another warm day.