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Lyn & John Jarden’s Travel Diary

Monday, 09 Apr 2018

Location: Hicks Bay, East Coast, New Zealand

MapThe Mercury Bay Club was full to overflowing when we got there, they had reached the point in their membership draws when it had to go and at $2,000 it was very popular. It eventually went and the place just emptied out and we ended up watching the rugby almost on our own. What a great game, go the Canes.
Saturday saw us on the road to Tauranga with lots of Kodak stops on the way at some of the beautiful beaches. We eventually got to Bethlehem, visited Mrs Maddock (Lyn's old neighbour) and then after a few missed directed turns from our GPS we finally got to Colin & Robyn's place. We had an enjoyable evening with them, next morning it was off to Mass and then a visit with Sue & John McOviney, they have an enormous and very modern home at the Mount. It backs on to the Golf course and a swimming pool and a large spa pool looking out over the golf course.
It was then off to Ohope and Mike and Irene's for a quick lunch then on to Noel and Judy's (Lyn's favourite cousin). Noel was still working driving a truck taking Kiwi fruit from the orchard to the pack house, I had the pleasure of going with him, each load was about 46 ton. The harvesting and collecting vehicles were a real revelation. Finished about 6:30pm and then home for a few beers, lots of talk and tea.
Today it was on the way again going south around the East Cape. We have not done this since the kids were little when we lived in Gisborne.
We decided to go this way as the views of the different bays are said to be quite spectacular going South and they certainly were with deep blue water and special coves and bays. It must be mind blowing to do this in December/January when the Pohutakawa,s are in full flower.
We have decided to stop on the beach at Hicks Bay but not before getting stuck in loose sand but hey it's all part of the experience and no harm done in the end.
Tomorrow it is off to Gisborne and a visit with Maurice.