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Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Apr 2015

MapHi all
Well the caravan and camping show was average - the best option is to go to the big shows like Brisbane etc.

David and Bev had perfect weather whilst they were here. Sunset happy hours were easy to take. They also enjoyed your cake for morning teas Michelle - in fact we all enjoyed it. THANKS. They left Saturday as did many others , the rest left Sunday. You could shot a cannon thru here now and not hit a sole. There is not a plastic training wheel in sight and we are now waterfront as the rows in front are now empty. Slowly the grey nomads are arriving now.

Thanks for the call Frank regarding the olives. Coincidently I had walked thru Aldi the day before and saw them. It was a long walk home carrying them. I went back and got some more in case i run out over the next 5 months. Thanks for thinking of me.

It was a picture perfect day yesterday so I hired a stand up paddle, the water was like glass so good for a beginner. A toy for consideration on return home.

The purpose of our stay was to have an annex made. Today it was fitted and our additional room is now complete. After it was all fitted, we took it down again as we are leaving tomorrow and rain was forecast. It was down and packed away with a minute to spare - down came the rain! I have added some photos to the rig taken today.

We head north tomorrow, not sure where we will stay tomorrow but plan to stay at Agnes Water the following 3 niights. After that we will start to head west.

We have packed, shopped and are well set for the next 5 months.

Stayed tuned for further updates

Cheers Di and Robin