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Di’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Apr 2015

MapOur 3 nights in Agnes Water passed qiuckly. We called in there to check on our block. There are now more shops and infrastructure including a high school but not really a market to sell our land. No big deal, we can wait. We didnt actually see the block as the road was a bit overgrown. I had 4wd engaged and was heading up when I couldnt identify the road edges. Whilst I was up for the adventure, Robin advised she would not be continuing and we didnt need to be that adventurous at the start of 5 months away. Reluctantly I backed out. ( I did see a major wash out next to the car wheel but kept that to myself) The cruiser would have loved it!

The weather was perfect, another great place for a stand up paddle board. Maybe i will trade the tandem that hangs from the garage roof in on one. Probably wont think about it for a while as the next water we will see will be crocodile infested.

Some Agnes photos have been added.

We are now heading west. It doesnt take long once you turn left to the west for the roads to be long, straight and flat. We are free camping at Duaringa with about 20 other vans. We walked to the pub which we thought was 100m away NOT more like 1km - needed a beer by the time we got there in the heat. Need to put some money into the community when you get such good free camps.

We were planning on staying at Westwood but the free camp venue was packed with an Anzac community picnic so we drove on after I did a u turn in a farmers paddock (think he must have been at the picnic)

We will continue west tomorrow - not sure of the next stop. We dont go too far - it will probably be somewhere between Emerald and Barcaldine depending on what we stop and see on the way.

Thanks for checking in on our progress - I can see how many have visited the webpage. Much easier than a goup email.

Bye for now Regards Di and Robin