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Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Apr 2015

MapWe traveled from Duaringa to Jericho yesterday. Visited Emerald on the way. Had to check out the Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers painting on the big easel - it was definitely big. The easel is 25m tall and weighs 13.6 tonnes. The painting weighs 4.5 tonnes. There is a Mosaic pathway leading to it. It displays a snapshot of Emeralds history - it was completed as part of the Centenary Of Federation.

We stayed at a free camp last night - Redbank Park on the Jordan River at Jericho. Yes there is a biblical story related to the town.

Before we left this morning I was given advice that there was road kill every 30 metres. That was absolutely no exaggeration. In fact for 20km it was worse than that. A council worker was hooking and dragging the roos off the road. I dont think he could have possibly finished that 20km in his days work. We have never seen anything like it! It continued for 100km. We have some evidence on the undercarriage unfortunately - just couldnt get around some and miss the vehicles in the other direction. YUK!!

As we head west, the trees are smaller, the vegetation has decreased, the grass has gone, the dirt is red and the trucks are longer. The drought is evident.

We are now in Longreach for 3 nights. We plan to go to the QANTAS museum and the Stockmans Hall of Fame. After here we will head towards Mt Isa, We will visit the Waltzing Matilda museum at Winton, then free camp along the way somewhere.

Thanks for checking on our progress.