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Di’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 May 2015

MapA couple of things I forgot to mention in the last entry. The town of Winton was a bit like a step back in time. The main street still had the facade of the General Merchant Store and there were 3 pubs still operational in quite a small street. The one we checked out was still in the 60s. Actually Robin thinks the 60s is being far to kind - definitely well before that. The lino and chairs were certainly historic.

The other thing we noted on the drive here to Mt Isa from around Cloncurry was that there were many ant hills. The thing that caught our attention was that many were dressed in clothes. Dont know the story behind that - maybe bored passengers out west??? The ones with grey t-shirts beside the road did look like wallabies. Not sure what the ones with reflective work shirts or dresses were supposed to represent.

We are just chilling and checking out Mt Isa. Just and r and r stop really. We had a drive around the mines, the golf course and out to Lake Moondarra. The lake was picturesque - photos attached. It is the main water supply. I was hoping to hire a kayak or paddle board but nothing available out there yesterday. As for the golf course, there are grass green, some fairways have grass but a lot of red dirt. Was thinking of playing today but a massage and watching the Anzac test seems the better option.

Many of the larger stores close here today (Sunday) ie Coles Woolies Kmart etc.

We will continue west tomorrow.