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Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

MapWell after watching the Anzac test I wish I went to golf.

A bit of info for those behind us. Make sure you fill up in Mt Isa. Diesel $1.35, Cammoweal $1.80, Barkly Homestead $1.90, Tennant Creek $1.55, Ti Tree $2.10 I think.

Since my last entry we have been free camping with no phone, internet, TV or radio but we did have lots of flies and no Aerogaurd. Thats right we didn't remember the Aerogaurd. Robin is off to buy a fly net tomorrow.

We stayed at Wonarah Bore about 40km east of Barkly Homestead. Its a big site - no showers or toilets. Its amazing how much rubbish people leave behind particularly toilet paper - it was everywhere. There are plenty of bins. A quick rake with a shovel, gloves and a plastic bag we soon had a great camp site (apart from the flies and it was very hot). Despite all that we would stay there again.

Next stop Devils Marbles with about 20 others. Get there early to get a decent site. Met up with people that had both friends and rels in Byron that we knew. I have attached some photos of the scenery. There was a resident Dingo who wandered around checking each camp site as people left.

The territory is quite lush after traveling through western QLD. We endured very high winds today for about an hour and a half. Not my preferred driving conditions. Several caravaners didnt go any where today - decided to stay and wait for the wind to settle. Didnt do much for the fuel consumption either.

We have had some magnificent sunrises, sunsets, moon rises and night skies. The stars are amazing anywhere but they always seem so much better out here in the red centre.

We were going to free camp tonight north of Alice Springs but the 3 places we had selected were not what we expected so we have arrived in Alice a day early. We have some rules about free camping and we stick to them. We are both enjoying the free camping. Everything is working well. Robin is on a learning curve about water usage and improving each day.

We are meeting up with Marg Dennis and Robert from Wagga tomorrow for coffee. We just happen to be crossing paths. We also will catch up with Sandy McElligott and maybe Delma Ferris whilst we are here - they are both originally from Kyogle. We will be here for a week or so.

Thanks for checking on us, we continue to be amazed at how many visits there are to the page.

Till next time Love Di and Robin