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Di’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

MapWe have enjoyed a week in Alice Springs. We are in a very nice park with something on every day or night. We haven't actually attended the talks or entertainment but did enjoy the Sunday pancake breakfast. We stayed here 8 years ago. They have been doing the pancake breakfast for 18 years. We didnt try and break their records female 9, male 13 pancakes.

The days are perfect, mid 20s plus and about 25% humidity, nights cold 4-8. Reverse cycle air con all works well. We have the annex up. Cant give an accuarte time for putting it up. I was experimenting with best options, will see how I go after the third time up but i must say we are very happy with it.

We have had both r and r and played tourist. ANZAC Hill was interesting and every war where Australians were deployed is represented, including current day deployments.

We have toured around the West MacDonnell Ranges for 2 days. We visited Glen Helen Gorge, Ormiston Gorge, Ochre Pits, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Simpsons Gap and Stanley Chasm. We spent 2 hours today watching the sun pass over Stanley Chasm. The sun position makes a big difference to the colours of the scenery everywhere. Some photos are attached. We are off to Desert Park tomorrow. Palm Valley and Hermannsburg will have to wait till next visit.

I played golf here and loved it. I enjoyed the course. I had read somewhere that it was one of the best 10 desert golf courses in the world. There were a couple of holes where you needed to be a bit of a rock wallaby to get your ball if you sprayed them. No drama if you stayed on the fairway. There are 2 big tournaments here this week so I was lucky to get a game.

We caught up with Marg and Robert from Wagga, hopefully we will cross paths again in our travels. We enjoyed catching up with Sandy McElligott and enjoyed great meals at Barra on Todd.

For those traveling behind us. Diesel $1.40. There is also a seniors discount for fuel in some places in the NT. Whilst I am not impressed about being asked if I have a seniors card - I just now suck it up and say its in the car. At the other end of the age spectrum, I had to be identified to be over 18 to buy a knife in Woolies.

Places to eat breakfast and lunch Watertank and Page 27. Dinner Barra on Todd. MIlner Meat for any fresh meat and seafood.

We head north again on Thursday. We will stay at Devils Marbles again, then somewhere around Renner Springs or Elliott, then onto Daly Waters pub. The menu hasnt chaged in 8 years, only the price. The choice, steak and fish or half and half. We are looking forward to going there again.

We will be out of service again for a few days as we head north. Telstra is much better than Optus but you can go hundreds of Kms without any service.

Till next time luv Di and Robin