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Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 May 2015

MapWell, spoke too soon about the lovely days in Alice Springs. The next day was cold, went to Desert Park and it was windy and very cold. We enjoyed the park despite the wind chill.

Change of plans after we left Alice. We didn't go back to Devils Marbles as planned. After a driving in windy conditions we decided to free camp at Taylor Creek about an hour short of the Marbles. It was very windy complete with thick red dust. From there we went onto Attack Creek for another free camp (with at least 30 others) The days were getting warmer but the nights were cool.

Next stop Daly Waters Pub. It was as good as expected. There is only the pub, a gallery and a traffic light that is always red. Its an icon in the area. There were two entertainers on for the evening.

We are now at Bitter Springs, Mataranka enjoying the thermal pools. Its lovely floating on the current down stream. The water is about 34, the same as the high of the day, overnight temp 18 so the winter woolies are now stored again.

Heading north to Adelaide River tomorrow. We are thinking of staying there for a week and doing day trips to Darwin and Litchfield.We will decide when we get there. After days of red dirt a grassy site for a week is appealing. However we do know that many places are not really like the brochures. We will see. If its not what we are expecting we wil go back to plan A whatever that was??

Some of you have wondered where we have been given no update for nearly a week. Well out here you dont get service in many towns. Yes they still have public telephones and phone cards at roadhouses. We havent had any Optus service since leaving Alice Springs. When I get service on my Telstra phone we hotspot the Ipad from it. One of the Apps we are using is Wiki Camps - it is fantastic. It also gives you the GPS coordinates of where you can get Telstra service on the highway. The places are few and far between sometimes. I can understand why some people travel with a satellite phone. At a free camp the other night it was lucky someone had a satellite phone as someone had a breakdown and needed to be towed. The closest place to make a call was 50km away. When you travel out here you really need Telstra whether you like them or not. An aerial on the car would also help . TV is varaible. We only get the ABC here. The last 3 nights there was no TV, even difficult to get a radio station. Must have been bad as Robin played a game of cards. First time ever we have played cards. She hates games, I love them. We should be in reception at night the next week or so so no more cards till we free camp our way to WA.

We have met many people along the way and keep seeing them regularly. Actually there are several people here in this park that have been in all the same places the last 5 nights. Yes there are some you dont make an effort to catch up with (lol). Dont need to know the dates of every event in their lives. Ho Hum

Bye for now Love Di and Robin