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Di’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 May 2015

MapHi all
Yes Adelaide River for a week it is despite the heat and humidity causing a brain snap or two on arrival. Its only just over 100km from Darwin and there is no TV without a satellite dish - be pleased you live on the east coast. It was cheaper for the govt to pay or subsidise a dish for everyone than put in a tower. They are wondering why there are less tourists in the park for long stays??? We have the Ipad to catch up on the news and go to the pub for footy. There is radio, Internet and mobile phone service. Despite it being a very small community the meat raffles at the pub were big last night. Yes we invested or should I say donated. The only thing we came home with was a doggy bag with leftover dinner.

We had a car free quiet day the day after arrival. Thursday we went into Darwin to catch up on a few things. We also stayed for the Mindil Beach markets - neither of us could give a toss about markets but the food there is great. The massages were pretty good too. The rest same ..... different place.

Friday we played tourist around the local area. One of the 4wd roads were wanted to take was still closed after the wet season - even though it was apparently a pretty dry wet seaaon. We had heard about Grove Hill Historic Hotel so we ended up there. Established in 1935 and the same building remains today still with a licence - unbelievable!! The place has never seen a broom, duster or cobwebber. It is truly a historic site with some of the cobwebs as old as the relics they are attached too. Nothing has ever been thrown out. We sat around the table of knowledge with some locals including the staff - yes all drinking. Entertaining to say the least. People go to Alice and Darwin to see the Ghan - we saw it at the Grove Hill Hotel in the middle of nowhere. The beer was as cold as the advertisement. I don't think any health inspector has ever been there. An entertaining afternoon. Some photos attached.

Today we spent the day in Litchfield National Park. We just happened to arrive as a park ranger was giving a talk on the termite mounds - very interesting. We enjoyed many of the places we visited last time - Bluey waterhole, Florence Falls, Wangi falls. Despite it being fresh water the salt water crocs have made their way there. Four were caught and relocated. The swim was most enjoyable.

It has been very hot and humid here 24-34. We have been to the pool 5 times a day to keep cool. Adelaide River has a significant war history -we will visit the local memorials tomorrow.

Thought I should add an update as I can see how many people have checked each day on the website. Photos soon or maybe in the morning
Cheers Di and Robin