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Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 03 Jun 2015

MapWe have enjoyed the drive west, great colours in the mountains, and boab trees. Sunrise before 6am, sunset before 5pm. Still hot but a liitle cooler at night.

First time with decent reception in the past week. We had one night free camp enroute to Lake Argyle where we stayed 4 nights. It is a great place - an amazing amount of water!!!

There are lots of cruises on the lake, we opted for the lunch and sunset cruise on a 50ft catarmaran. It accomodates 14 to sleep with 6 ensuites. On a day cruise they are licensed for 32 and there were 8 adults and 2 children. Absolute bliss. Everyone had a great day. Yes some of us went swimming with the fresh water crocs. I think Robin was pleased to have a skin tear on her leg - therefore couldnt go swimming. A good excuse. The water was like glass all day so obviously under motor instead of sail. There were plenty of places to sit and enjoy all aspectts of the day. Sunset was a little overcast but the clouds provided some interesting colours.

We did a day trip to Wyndham and El Questro. Wyndham has the 5 rivers lookout - it would be great to visit there during the wet season and see all the rivers flowing in. We also went to see the 2000 yr old boab tree in the caravan park.

On the drive into El Questro Robin said she would quite like to do the Gibb River Road. We have enogh gear to do it this trip (without the van of course). After 100m of severely corrugated road and 2 rocky water crossings she quickly changed her mind. The water crossings into El Questro are only about a foot deep but very rocky -4WD vehicles only. However a ? teenager in his Mazda 121 made it through - god only knows how!! Everyone was amazed. Saw the car a few days later still going well.

We just collected info there for future reference. You have to pay to do everything. One night would be $86 in the van. Decided we had plenty of other gorges and lookouts to visit this holiday so wont be staying there this time. Dont fancy taking the van in there anyway.

Back at Lake Argyle I enjoyed the infinity pool and 2 days of r and r. Back on the road now. Stayed at a free camp east of Halls Creek last night, now at Fitroy Crossing tonight, Derby tomorrow night then into Broome for several days. Need to be in Broome by Friday to see Staircase to the Moon. Friday is the last night this month. We dont normally set deadlines but had to for this one.

I will load some pictures a bit later.

Bye for now Di and Robin