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Di’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Jun 2015

MapWell all those photos are still out there in cyberspace somewhere - not on our webpage though. Its all too slow to try again to upload them. Optus is at best poor and Telstra fair - uploads and downloads is like watching paint dry and then it sometimes freezes mid job. I am too busy having fun to worry about it at the moment.

We loved Derby - only had an overnighter but will have to go back sometime. Met heaps of locals in a short space of time. Arrived at the caravan park and the owner suggested a gallery (Mark Norvall) to visit so we checked in, set up and off to the gallery to find it closed. There were people inside so we looked in quickly but they were closing as they had an important meeting. With a smile the lady said quietly - we are off to golf. WELL!!!! I was home, changed and on the tee in 30 minutes. Ladies comp - 7 people. A meeting always follows at the 19th where people bitch, dob in or tell a story about someone who is then fined etc. Most entertaining, I fitted in ok.

Deby is known for the extremes of tides. 1m low and 11m plus high tide. Its a small town but it had a good feel for us. We couldnt stay longer as we wanted to get to Broome for Staircase to the Moon. We weren't disappointed - a picture perfect moon rise but the pictures i took didnt reflect how good it was.

We booked for 4 nights and now staying for a week. We have booked to go to Horizontal Falls. This wasnt planned at all but everyone says its a must so when in Rome.....

We have caught up for drinks and golf with the 2 men we met at Daly Waters pub. They are here from Melbourne for 4 months. Actually the park is full of Victorians here for the winter.

Great sunsets on Cable Beach as always. Expensive here just like Byron.
Tiill next time Bye for now xx