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Di’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Jun 2015

We have enjoyed Broome. Went to the Horizontal Falls yesterday. Flew out then did the boat trip through the falls. We werent planning on going but everyone said it was a must do. From the air we didnt see the enormity of the falls, so glad we did the boat as well. With the changing of the tide the height of the falls changes quickly. We went through both falls in the boat and by the time we came back through, the height had increased so it was unsafe to go through the narrower fall again. Apparently the peak height of the fall can be up to 5metres. The boat trip also took us up Cyclone creek where the boats take shelter during cyclones. The flight home was low over the Buccaneer Archipelago (also known as the 1000 islands), Cape Leveque, Beagle Bay and Cable Beach. Most enjoyable and worth the money.

I will try and upload some photos. The last lot that were lost are still just that. I went to the library to upload them again plus photos from Broome. It was just as slow. Got the Lake Argyle photos uploaded but the Broome ones are out there somewhere???? In fact paint actually dries quicker. Will try again some other time.

Leaving Broome today, off to Barn Hill - big day 125km! After that 80 mile beach then wander down to Coral Bay. Service is likely to be poor or the next week or so. Not sure when the next update will be.

Till then Cheers Di and Robin