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Di’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Jun 2015

MapHi all

Uploading photos still a problem due to slow internet. We are not big on taking photos but just snap a few with the Ipad to put on our page.

Loved Barn Hill, went for a night stayed 2. Walked for several hours on the beach at low tide. Red cliffs, white sand blue water and only saw 6 people - awesome! We could see sunrise, sunset, moon rise and right down the beach from the van - you will see it when i finally get to upload the photos.

From Barn Hill we were heading to 80 mile beach but had a fridge problem on battery. Stopped for morning tea and 2 bokes insisted on checking it out. 2 hours later problem wasnt solved but we had eliminated some possible causes. Ended up staying at Sandfire Roadhouse. Went on to 80 mile beach the next day. I was tinkering with fuses etc to sort out the fridge, the young guy next door was a sparky so insisted on helping. In the end - the problem was fixed. All up is cost me 2 x 6 packs, a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread. BARGAIN an auto electrician would have ripped us off big time. A car service was bad enough - nothing cheap up here.

80 Mile beach is just that. 80 miles of white sand and blue water. We have been there before. Lots of great shells on the beach. Cant really swim. You can walk out 2km and still only be ankle deep. Enjoyed our first roast there sine we left home - I didnt even have to cook it!

Next stop a free camp on the Yule River - beautiful! Actually had water in the river - great for a swim. Photos to come sometime.

We are now at Point Sampson. Didnt realise it was such a mining port. We decided to stay here and day trip to Dampier and Karratha. Great decision. It is a cute little place. Wyndham and Cossack nearby. Cossack is an interesting historic area - a ghost town. Buildings have been restored. It is well known for its annual art show due to start next month.

We enjoyed our day trip to Dampier. We visited the interactive centre for the North West Shelf - very interesting. They said it was impossible to estimate how much it would cost to build it today. Original cost 30 billion - started around ? 40 yrs ago.

Quieter day today catching up on jobs and housework (lol) Enjoyed a swim and a drive around the area here. Hot days, pleasant to sleep at night. Off to Onslow tomorrow then Coral Bay on Sunday. After that we will head back inland to Tom Price, Newman then the inland highway down to Perth thru Meekathara etc
Bye for now
Cheers Di and Robin