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Di’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jun 2015

MapHi all and greetings to Byron lady golfers.

We have had so many visits to our page (over 500) I thought the golfers had been checking in. I thought our webpage address was put in the newsletter. I know a few people had the address no names mentioned (vice captain) (lol) Anyway great to hear from you all. Was thinking of you during pennant - well played.

This has been a great way to keep in touch. Much easier than group mails etc.

From Point Sampson we went to Onslow. Hadnt been there before so thought we better - dont know why we bothered. More mining. We are now at Coral Bay. We had two spits of rain on the way here so thats a total of 4 spits in 3 months. We had the one cold day in Alice Springs and it has been over 30 every day since. A cool change has come through so as we head south we are preparing to pack away the shorts and bathers.

Coral Bay is nice, we have been here before. There is a reef just offshore so snorkelling is popular. The water is artesian. It is very hot and very salty. In NSW you would not be allowed to have water that hot to come out of a tap in a public place. The taps in the park are about a foot off the ground and the water is scalding. Showering, cleaning your teeth and washing in salty water is different. There are designated taps for drinking water, where you collect water for drinking cooking etc. That water isnt much good either. We did bring our own supply of drinking water knowing that the water wasn't that good.

The weather has improved whilst we have been here so I was planning on a deep sea fishing trip today but I procrastinated too long and it got booked out and now we cant extend as the park is heavily booked. I hadnt booked because I was worried I would be feeding the fish rather than catching them if it was windy and rough. Next time. The Red Emperor and Marlin survived another day.

We are heading back inland tomorrow to Tom Price then Newman. We will free camp along the way but as it gets colder we will free camp less. We will need heating and some creature comforts.

I have finally managed to upload some photos. The internet is OK here. No radio or TV though. Satellite is a must if you want TV when you travel. We did manage to have TV for the State of Origin matches. There is always a pub where you can see TV. We can get enough news etc from internet.

WA is expensive. Surprisingly fuel is about the same price as 8 yrs ago. Everything is more expensive than the East Coast.

Its a beautiful day. Need to go for a swim in case its the last till I get home.

Bye for now
Love Di and Robin