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Di’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Jul 2015

We enjoyed our last day at Coral Bay. It was picture perfect weather. I spent the afternoon on a Stand up paddle board checking out the coral and fish. Managed to remain standing, it would not have been pretty to fall off over the coral section they call Ayers rock. The fish were amazing, the coral ok. The water was a great temperature.

Unfortunately we couldn't do any of the 4wd tracks we wanted as many have been closed since the cyclone in March. Those that were open were very 4wd - 4 hours to go not very far - no thanks. There was plenty of evidence around the park of the damage too. The camp kitchen and some cabins had skeletal remains only.

Next stop a free camp at House Creek Bridge, then onto Tom Price where we stayed 4 nights. The caravan park is situated under Mt Nameless. Robin particularly enjoyed it there last time so a revisit was a must. The place had a bit of a different feel this time, whether it was because we had been there before or maybe that everything looks quite different covered in green. We have been amazed how green and lush WA is this visit. Many of those great red mountains in the Pilbara are actually green this time. In fact everywhere is green and we have even seen some wildflowers which is early. Despite the green there is a lot of red dirt and dust.

Two of our neighbours in the park had tried to go to the top of Mt Nameless but failed - said it was too steep and slippery due to the washout from recent rains. Undaunted by their comments we took on the drive and made it up there no problem. There were a few sections a bit rocky and slippery but it was ok really just in 4wd. In fact a Subaru Forester arrived up there while we were there so not too difficult. I noted both the neighbours were from the city and drove Nissan Navaras that looked like they never seen dirt let alone be put in 4wd.

We did a day trip to Karijini and visited Oxer lookout which is where Weano, Hancock, Red, Joffre and Wittenoom gorges all meet. We also visited Joffre Falls and Kalamina Gorge and falls. The gorges in WA are very different to those in the NT. We enjoyed them just as much second time around. We took the van into Dales camp in Karijini and explored the western side of the park from there. We could walk from the camp to all the attractions. Robin has been limited in her walking but managed to do the rim walk at Dales Gorge from Circular Pool around to Fortescue Falls. I continued on down into the falls and to Fern Pool. I will try and get some photos uploaded later. You can get gorged out over here.

We are now in Newman , more mining. We went on the mine tour yesterday - largest open cut iron ore mine in the world. Not that attractive really but interesting.

We plan to travel inland down to Perth, arriving there next Wednesday just in time for State of Origin. Go the Blues!

Bye for now
Love Di and Robin